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Category - Southern Ocean Lodge

Style: Unspoilt nature, unadulterated luxury

Description: If you need some privacy to woo your Mr or Mrs Smith, luxe boutique hotel Southern Ocean Lodge is the place to go. Surrounded by the Great Australian Bight and wildlife, you’ll feel like the only two people in the world, with all-inclusive food, drinks and activities – if you bring the romance with you, and combine it with Southern Ocean Lodge’s location, you’re sure to impress.

Make sure you book your stay in the Osprey Suite – it has a terrace plunge spa where you can seduce your Smith away from any prying eyes – apart from making the kangaroos blush, that is.

Where: Kangaroo Island, Australia

Rate: From $2200 per night

Mr & Mrs Smith extra: A private wine-cellar dining experience for two


Source: Nine Honey